1 week to 26.2.

I plan to get in a total of 16 miles of training in this week before the race. Basically the final week of my marathon training plan has me 8 this weekend, a 3 easy run, and a final 5 a few days prior to race day. I need to consider I ain’t ran jack for about 2...

9 days till The SF Marathon.

9 more days till The SF Marathon. Haven’t done a training/taper run in 10 days. 🙂 Tried to today but forgot some gear. Oh well, maybe tonight I will. Finished the audiobook “50/50” by Dean Karnazes. I liked it.

19 days to the SF Marathon

Been three days since my 20 miler. Need to put in an easy 3 miler today or tonight as part of training week 28. I put off doing it lunchtime yesterday thinking my sunburned skin needs a break, but also put off running last night out of laziness and desire to just...